How this all started

How this all started

I've been hand sewing since I was a child, but have really got into dressmaking in the last 18 months or so. I watched the 2014 series of the Great British Sewing Bee on a borrowed iPad in hospital just after giving birth to my second child and I loved it (possibly an unhealthy amount). I promised myself I would give it a go. A few months later, when I was finally able to ditch the maternity clothes, I sold them all on eBay and used the proceeds to buy myself a sewing machine (with a bit of help from my mum). I bought a discontinued blue John Lewis one at a bargain price and haven't looked back.

My first project was a box pleat skirt. It all came together, but the fit was terrible and I've never worn it.

Neither have a worn the second one, an altered fit size A-line skirt.

But the third project, some pyjama bottoms from Love at First Stitch, was a success! I've made three pairs of them so far and have the fabric ready for a fourth. I love Tilly's book - it's taught me so much.

I've made a navy linen Megan dress at a Kitchen Table Sewing course earlier this year. It fits perfectly and I wear it all the time for work.

I have all the supplies ready for the mimi blouse for my mum. Can't wait to learn a few new skills - French seams and collars next.

I don't really have time to sew. I have quite a demanding full-time job in Higher Education and two children under 5. But I squeeze it in where I can. Usually in that precious hour or two after the kids are asleep before I have to get myself ready for the next day. I have developed some bad habits of cutting fabric on the living room floor and sewing while catching up on Downton Abbey. But if I didn't sew like that I wouldn't sew at all. And I love it, so I will always find a way to fit it in. Even if that means my house is a mess and I don't get enough sleep. Steve, my poor husband, would agree with that.