Why make your own clothes?

Why make your own clothes?

Have you ever struggled to find clothes that fit? Trudged round the shops trying on pair of jeans after pair of jeans, only to find nothing that fitted right? Or ended up settling for something that never made you feel good?

This is all too common an experience. Ready to wear clothes can often make you feel like you’re the wrong shape, that you don’t suit fashionable clothes, that’s there’s something wrong with you. The truth is that ready to wear clothes rarely fit anyone well. We’re all different shapes and sizes. The ‘average’ person doesn’t really exist. But the high street shops keep you spending, in search of that perfect outfit.

Learning to make your own clothes creates total freedom from all that. It takes time and perseverance to master the skills involved, but once you get there the world is your lobster. You can make any outfit, in any fabric, to fit your body perfectly. You can even design your own fabric if it doesn’t exist, or design your own pattern. You don’t have to worry about fashion, or following a trend. You can find your own style and make your own perfect wardrobe. If you can imagine it, you can wear it. You can make your own style choices.


My dream wardrobe is still a work in progress, but I’m enjoying the journey as much as the destination. Dressmaking is such a relaxing, mindful activity. I can switch off from the day with a cup of tea and my favourite podcast. It takes time and forces me to slow down.

If you’d like to start your own sewing adventure, I run beginner’s workshops and courses in the Bedfordshire area. Starting from a complete beginner’s ‘Make Friends With Your Sewing Machine’ workshop to a new ‘Learn to Make a Vintage Dress’ 4-week course. The courses are delivered in small, friendly groups. You are given guidance and support, but encouraged to work at your own pace. Tea and cake always included!

Late spring courses are booking now and filling up fast: http://www.sewme-wearme.com/learn-to-sew

Any questions, please get in touch – alice@sewme-wearme.com

Happy sewing,
Alice x