Get to know Alice


I learnt to sew as a child. My grandmother was a dressmaker, and my mum is a knitter and crafter, so making things was always part of family life growing up. I had a toy sewing machine and used to borrow my mum’s dressmaker’s dummy to spend many happy Sunday afternoons creating 'amazing' outfits (I wish I had photos of some of them!). I loved opportunities to sew at school and was very keen to pursue textiles further, but as the only student interested in GCSE textiles, it didn’t run at my school that year and my enthusiasm fizzled out.


I carried on making in my spare time – jewellery, knitting for babies etc. Following university, my career has been in publishing, higher education and now educational technology. Along the way I have picked up many skills, which are coming in useful now I get to grips with everything that starting up a small business involves.


After my second child was born in 2014 I spent a week in hospital and watched The Great British Sewing Bee on a borrowed iPad. I felt totally inspired to learn some proper dressmaking skills. So, a few months later I sold all my maternity clothes on eBay and used the proceeds to buy a discounted sewing machine from John Lewis. I tried a few patterns and made a few wonky garments, learning loads along the way. There is something so completely satisfying about absorbing yourself making something. I was totally hooked.


I carried on learning new sewing skills. I took a few sewing classes with the lovely Janet of Kitchen Table Sewing in Bedford. I discovered indie patterns and the wonderful sewing community on Instagram. I started writing a blog and joined the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network. In 2015, frustrated by my failed attempts to sew a dress for my daughter, I had a go at drafting my own pattern. It worked brilliantly, and soon she had a wardrobe of Mummy made dresses that she loved.


I love teaching sewing workshops, helping new budding dressmakers find their feet and grow in confidence. I have also designed a set of patterns along the way, which are perfect to build your sewing skills.


Special thanks go to Georgina Westley for her wonderful graphic design work, support and cups of tea. Also to Sheree B for her gorgeous photography.


Please do get in touch if you'd like to know more. I’d love to hear from you.